Is a little frustrating

is a little frustrating, i can’t even login. I can use it only the “Demo Scenes”
Since 2020 without such problems and now I’m frustrated because it’s an unnecessary problem.
Sometimes it works again after 1-2 hours sometimes I have to wait 1 whole day.

Of course I tried to log in as “Administrator” and I also have the latest graphics driver.

Does anyone know is it useful if I install the old version 2.2 or 2.1 because I should have the pictures on Monday.

Wanted to enjoy Sunday bathe and render in the meantime. :joy:
My internet isn’t the problem, all other CAD or rendering Programs run wonderfully

Hi dadi, sorry to hear that you ran into this problem again…We have received the networkstats you sent to our support center. If possible, please run the support tool mentioned in our email, and send me that log file as well. Thank you for your comprehension.