Inverted Displacement/Height


I’m having trouble with the displacement map for a paving material. It seems to be inverted.

Hi, try these settings

You have to play on PBR settings

Hello, can the texture be displayed normally if you place it on a blank scene?
And can you tell me your D5 version?

The texture and displacement does work on a new file and blank scene. My version is

We tried your texture and it is normal. You can try other displacement maps to see if they can be displayed normally?

I’ve been trying other maps and they all do the same. I found my surfaces were facing the wrong direction, but it looks like it skews the texture.

More testing. The displacement works on my vertical surfaces, but not on the ground plane.


Btw, which modelling software are you using?
In the modelling software, is this surface’s normal positive? Is this surface intact? Are there any dividing lines?