Importing model - with lighting

Hi All,

I’m still learning my way round the software - I tried to save a model of a studio light fixture as a 2019.skp (I learnt 2021.skp not supported yet) with the light inside the group/component and imported it into D5 (not using the convertor just the import buttons)… the light source didnt work unfortunatly as you can see in the image.

If we were able to save light sources into models and then create a libary this would be very helpful.

setting up lights in SU is very easy still and Waaaaayyyy easier to change in the software than Lumion. But when I’m in D5 it would be still good to add a light (with my model of the light)

I have also noticed in Sketchup all the D5 light sources placed into the model don’t have their own Tag? maybe they could. speed things along, I still have to render from su.

Hi Cmeed, yes you are right, for now we have to sync lights via SU-D5 plugin, and importing directly will not work. Besides, we cannot add light objects to local library for now. I will record this request, thanks!