Import animation .abc with texture?

Can we with this new version import animations in .abc format, and how to apply the texture on an animated character with this format ? Thank you.

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no imported textures for now.
ABC in Beta

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I have managed to import an ABC file format, though that’s it.
Can you advise how to load or not working yet?

Got it working though no texture :grimacing:

Hello,may you help me? I have difficulties in exporting water scene from 3ds max in abc format. nothing appear on d5.

How to reduce file size for import in .ABC format. The animation file is large.

Sorry didn’t see your post.
Can you upload your file so I can have a look?

Hello. When importing any file from any program into the D5 Render program. and then in the program you have to assign textures manually, and this is very difficult for an animated model. ABC How to solve this issue, I see two methods

  1. Writing an addon with .ABC support that will solve the issue of textures + reduce the size of the animated file in MB
  2. Making changes to the menu in the D5 Render program when importing and opening new vows support for object layers.
    An example of working with a Sketchup or Archikad project, each project contains the division of each element into layers
    each layer has its own name. Here is an example of how the import of Sketchup and Archicad into Twin program looks