I want to use gradation image to opacity map , but it does not works well

I want to make a billboard as fake bounce light.
so I try to use gradation image to opacity map channel .
But it did not works well.
Opacity is not gradation. billboard was only cropped.
How can I use opacity map to make my wish image.?

png format is not match this ? or only bugs ?

Hi, use Cloth Material Template, then we could adjust Opacity Intensity.

Thanks for your advice.I change material type “custom” to “cloth” shader.
opacity issue was solved. but problem is remainning.
if I use cloth shader material,I cant add self-illuminate effect .
becase cloth shader material does not have emissive channel.

I want to add glow effect to this.
I want to make billboard as fake bounce light. result is too matte surface .

・)How can I add glow effect to this result ?
・)Why custom shader material’s opacity can not bring me to same result?

Sorry, for now, the feature is not supported yet. We will support Billboard material in the future.
The limit is related with the algorithm, so we can not adjust opacity for custom materials.

Thanks for answer. and no problem I try to find other approach .
Maybe it is not big trouble in present project.
Anyway, it is need to improve custom shader opacity channel .
I expect it will works correctly even other shader materials in the future.