I moved my cinema4d animated camera to d5 but the camera matching is not accurate

I moved the cinema4d animated camera to d5 render and rendered it, but it doesn’t match exactly.
Is it possible to render the same frame scene by matching the cinema 4d camera animation exactly with the d5 render camera animation?

Sorry for the issue.
Please tell me your current D5 Render version and the version of D5 Sync for C4D. Did you encounter the same issue when syncing other scene files? If you can describe more about your workflow, that will be helpful for us to track and locate it. Thanks!

Currently, c4d is s24 version and D5 Render is 2.7 version. The same problem occurs with other files. I baked the camera key frame just in case, but it doesn’t work. The camera key in and out are correct, but the intermediate key animation is not correct.
D5 Sync for C4D

Hi! Sorry for this issue. Is it convenient for your to send us your C4D and D5 file? You can share a link here or send your log to our email. (support@d5techs.com, please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to your mail)