Huge Brightness difference between D 2.0 and D2.1

Hi team - thank you for the new release and improvements.

Top image done in D2.0 and bottom D2.1


Please see attached render for a interior done with D2.0 and now with D2.1. It looks like the new D2.1 GI has change the overall setting of my project?

Thank you.

Other case here, but more dark:



Hi, WB5. In this update, global illumination has been boosted, see here Since it’s D5 GI, seeing the difference you mentioned is normal, it may look brighter now to you, but is actually more accurate. Hope you understand and adjust it based on that :blush:

Hi WB5, how it looks in the preview? D5 2.1 looks brighter because we increased light bounce times. For old 2.0 version, you may need to increase exposure, or add artificial lights to improve the light effect. But in 2.1, you can just forget those methods and easily set the sun intensity and exposure.

If the preview looks very different from the output, please let us know.

Hi ivan, the problem you met is very strange and we have not seen this bug before, could you send us this scene file?

sure! done.