How to reduce this haze

hi how do you reduce this haze and dust in d5? is there a way to distribute assets using maps? Is there a way now to import animated objects from 3ds max? Can we scale effects like smoke?

@Oliver.J you have any solution for this? thanks seems like none saw my post lmao. thanks

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Hello, sorry for the late reply, I saw your post yesterday and was consulting our team on the features you mentioned.

  1. you could turn off Fog effect or adjust its Density value: Weather - User Manual (
  2. Unfortunately, we cannot distribute assets using maps for now. you could use brush,scatter and path tools for different types of models. Vegetation Tool - User Manual (
  3. Yes, you could import .abc format objects, and we will improve the compatibility with ABC format in the next version.
  4. No, for now we cannot scale particles from assets library, but we will probably have this feature in the next version.

Have a nice day!