How to make the grass density higher?

The grass density increasing if i give it more height, but i need a cut grass with low height but strong density

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Hello, sorry that for now we cannot control the density of grass material manually, but we are planning to add more parameters in future updates.
As a current workaround, I have to suggest you use the scatter tool or brush tool for grass, whose density is adjustable:
Brush and Scatter - User Manual (


Tnx alot! I will waiting for this update ))) My working scene so big, scatter tool make it very slow

You are welcome! By the way, this may help if it fits your scene: 2D Grass for download

You should scatter the wholes. This works fine. Try different densities.
The saturation is a problem here!

The saturation value of plants is adjustable, the problem still persists? We may have other tools to adjust saturation for the whole scene.