How to make materials invisible in D5 Render

Hi there, we found that many users want to make a material invisible when editing a scene, but for now in D5 we do not have the feature. So the workaround is to make a material totally invisible, and you can add it to your local library if you use it very often.

1. Switch to Custom Alpha material template


2. Put a solid black image into the opacity map slot.

Here you can download the image:

Insert that into the opacity slot.

Then it is OK. The material will not appear in the viewport and final rendering. (We can also use transparent material template to do this, but its performance may be not good because it affects the reflection)

It helps when you need to remove some parts of the models from D5 Library while the model cannot be separated. For example, you want the bookshelf without books, then you can apply the “transparent” material we made to the books.

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