How to improve light balance in a render?

Not sure how to specify the question but here is the problem:

I made this model and render but I am unsatisfied with how bleached the environment through the window looks. How do I make the inside lit well enough(same as in the photo) as well as making the sky visible and vibrant?

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi mantas.markezic
I downloaded your image and with Photoshop I adjusted the contrast and lighting, then a little saturation and here is the result.

But we have to say that the D5 already does it in the effects, we have to adjust the lighting, removing the automatic. Then there is the contrast and other photo effects also the saturation if you want less color to give a more natural sense, when you are satisfied with the image you do it. That’s all.
I hope I helped you with the question

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Even in real life photography, it’s hard to get the exposure correct both inside the room and outside the window. In your case i’ll try to expose the outside correctly, and trick the interior brightness with extra rectangular lights, like before the 2.4 update.

are you using Geo&Sky or HDRI? With an HDRI, you can lower the brightness of the background to get the sky right. Worth the try


Thank you! I just hoped to not have to use other programs and do it in D5. I guess this way rendering 2 images with different exposures and blending them in photoshop would be even better…

Using geo&sky. Adding interior lights crossed my mind but I didnt have time for it as I assumed it would require a lot of tweaking. Thank you!

Thank you
You can use the Windows Image program, to quickly get the result you see, such as contrast, brightness and saturation. This helps you more easily, because you do it right away when you open the image with windows, there are icons at the top, just click the first one and it exits, always above the three icons cropping contrast with color variations and then lighting, to transform the image you work to the right of the program. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: