How to fix the height of fountain in D5 Render

Hello everyone. I have a problem about fountain. I need to make infinity pool in this project. I use ‘water dripping 03’ model. But flowing water endless. I cant change height. I do an animation. I cant use non-animated model. Can you help me?
And sorry for my english

Hi! You can switch on “Stop” to stop the flowing. And by pulling the blue arrow, which is the Y axis, you can adjust the height of the water.

Hi! You didnt understand me. I can move in X-Y-Z axis. I havent problem about move. I want to cut fountain height.

I have to cut fountain. water needs to flow into this small pool. but it keeps flowing from below forever

Thanks for your explanation.
Could you please try using a flat or square in our Assets to block the stream?

Like the one in the screenshot:

Besides, we will consider adding a control for the length of this kind of assets.

Its work. Thank you so much

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