How to eluminate back side of round mirror?

Hello, everyone! First of all I love the support and work of devs here!
I recently got D5 REDNDER and have been testing it. Its pretty awesome. So far im really looking foward upcoming VR, smooth edges and smmoth shadows in reflections features.

Either way im having a problem remaking this illuminated backside for mirror. I tried puting illuminated mesh behind it but i cant get satisfying results. Maybe someone knows tehnique to work this out?

What i want:

what I made, but its looking bad:

Hello, I think you could put a point light behind the mirror, and remember to add thickness to the mirror in modeling software.

I did put point light but big ball of light was visible in reflaction, so I dismissed it. But on second try I found “Light source Radius” that help it. Thank you very much, Oliver

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Glad to hear that you solved the problem, now I learn this skill too :blush:

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