How to control the affecting areas of Decals

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When using Decals in D5, sometimes we want them to take effects on some certain models/surfaces, but they always affect other objects placed over them.

To solve this problem, for now we have a workaround. Since every decal is working as an independent object, the actual affecting area is related to the size of its “bounding box”, which looks like a wireframe box.

Therefore, we can adjust the size of decals to control where it takes effects from 3D perspective. (Normally we adjust the height, X axis, as shown on the screenshot, and remember to unlock the 3 axes first)
[video-to-gif output image]

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Hi Oliver!

you’re always on time, i was about to create a new topic !

thanks for the tip, it’s working well!

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Thank you, recently we are going to post more tricks here hh :laughing: