How to Chang Email

dear team D5
i want to chang Email.Because my email is blocked right now, in order to prevent future problems, I want to change my email.

thank you

Hi topkasidit, I am afraid that currently we do not support changing D5 accounts’ emails, it is used only as D5 profile(username), so you do not need to worry about D5 account problems related to that email. In the future, we will also add more verification methods to help protect your account.
Of course, it is still suggested to keep your email in good secure conditions.

Best regards,

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HI Oliver

I’m afraid I’ll forget my password. But thank you very much for recommending me.

thank you

You are welcome! You can change password on this site: D5 Render
Also you can record your password on a memorandum in case you forgot it.

Hi Oliver

I have changed to a new email address. But why login time is still old email?

Hi mate, could you show me a screenshot of the problem? You changed the email address for D5 account? We have not supported that service yet, where did you change that :joy:

My email when I bought the program was hotmail but I couldn’t access it so I switched to gmail. :sweat_smile:

Hi mate, in this website you can only change email for your Forum account, and it is not for your D5 Account. Sorry that for now we have not supported the email changing service.
Please record your password carefully.

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