Hoe to render a 3d model of a Damascus Knife

I am not a graphic designer at all I am just a web Developer but a client is asking me to render a 3d model of a Damascus Knife. How can I do that? He wants me to take all the headaches from content to Development, and all. Is there anyone who can help me or suggest some tutorials?

Hi! @caiasad36
Firstly, you can search for a Damascus Knife on a 3D model website.
Please note that D5 Render can load these file formats directly: .skp / .fbx / .d5a / 3dm / .abc.
Then import the model into D5.
And then you can start the rendering process. You can adjust the background, its material, and so on in D5 Render.

do you like it?

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Textures for steel material

Hope you like it hh. Model from sketchfab.
Damascus Knife - Download Free 3D model by spectral12 (@spectral12) [17004e3] (sketchfab.com)


Thank you all and I am extremely sorry for the late reply. I got my job done and now the website is live, so I never bother to follow up on this thread

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