Hide/show native Rhino layers?

I would like te batch render multiple variations of different rooms in my model for testing variations of furniture sets. I have stored the sets separately in various layers in the Rhino model.

How can we hide/show Rhino layers so that we can then add the various furniture-“layer states” to the render queue in batch?

At the moment the only way to do this somewhat systematically when working with a lot of different furniture variations, is by exporting the variable Rhino layers separately and then manually Connecting them one by one into D5, adding them into the same D5a. But it is a slow process.

I want to point out that I have to open each separate .3dm export manually in Rhino to Connect them, because Importing them directly with D5 does not seem to work… at least it does not place the model in its true location…

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Hello, thanks for the suggestion. It is not available to sync rhino layers to D5 for now. However, if you hide an object or layer in rhino and then update the sync, it is possible to hide the relevant content in D5 as well.
About the feature of syncing layers. I suggest you post your suggestion in our ideas&requests channel, so more staff can see it.

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