Hi everyone

Hi everyone.

I just fell in love with D5 render. Ive been playing around with the free version for few days and i couldnt resist not to buy Pro.
I still havent left my old software licenses, but im sure i will really soon.

Big congratulations to the team for such fast and quality development, just keep up the good work :smiley:

PS. Is there a discord server ?


Thank you~Glad to hear that you like D5.
We have a Discord server but only for Pro users since we provide mainly aftersale support service there. After purchasing the Pro license, soon you will receive an email including a Discord server invitation.

BTW, all D5 users are welcome to our FB community D5 Render Community | Facebook
And this is our site for users’ voice: User Suggestions - D5 Render (featureupvote.com)

Have a nice day~

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