Help in materiels

hello every one
already many years from my last topic in forumes
if there is away to download all materiels or at pro?

There used to be this function, but I just can’t find it anymore. Today I was with a clinet and tried to get a glass material to apply, but since we were off the grid (offline) no material was showing in the palets/tab/menu.

the same for me mostly cant acces to online assist there is no way for external download?

Hi sir, you could use this way to add materials to local library
I consulted the product team, there are many reasons that affect the performance, so we removed the feature to download all assets to a local place.

  1. the whole library is very bigger now, over 80gb.
  2. the assets may change every day, new one uploaded and old one offline.
  3. We will bring a lot of new assets in 2.0, and with D5 Works tag, only verified Pro status online can use those models/particles.

Thank you for your understanding and support.



thank you
if i buy pro version and new version come should buy again or it will be free for me?

Free. The current Pro license is perpetual, and we will switch to rental licensing and stop selling perpetual Pro license soon, when 2.0 is released.

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  1. Please add some way to “favorite” items. I am getting use to working with your scattered grass feature and it is very very nice. I’m trying to find my favorite “combo”.

  2. Also. I am also enjoying using scattering trees option. The computer does a better job at overall randomization than I do. And obviously more quickly. But I find I am inevitably stuck with a tree in the wrong spot so would be nice to be able to at least pick those trees and be able to delete them.

Ok, thank you!

  1. we will have this feature in 2.0, please wait for the update.
  2. as a workaround, you can use the eraser, which can select certain trees to erase them too. We are considering whether to make painted trees selectable.
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Yes!! Slowly getting use to all the new tools and workflow!!!

I am genuinely sorry o hear that. That’s a huge NOPE for me. Like not even the free version. I just don’t support companies that use rental systems. It is like holding your costumer as a hostage. I ditched Autodesk and Revit for such move and just don’t want to get stuck in this system with a render software. I really hope the team reconsider, but I better just head back to twinmotion.

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Hi again, first, we bring more features to community version as well.
Second, rental systems brings more freedom and choice to users. For example, you could use the software for 1 or 2 month, and cancel the subscription when you do not need it or do not like its updates. But if the program is one-time purchase, you probably can not get a refund, and the money is wasted.
At last, it is more a motivation for developers, because if your program cannot satisfy users, they will cancel their subscriptions, so a company have to try their best to invent features to keep uo with the times. Don’t you think this is more fair for users?



Community version is great publicity to call consumers into buying the pro version, which is more than fine, yours particularly is awesome and has lots of features, but you can’t justify rental mode with publicity features.
Second, as stated by your own group… Make a Painter pay rent for his brush and check out if he/she finds it fair. If I can’t ever afford that tool to be mine and use it to my will… Then it is an exploration, a hostage situation.
Ask Autodesk clients… Once they used to have the opportunity to choose if the new features were worthy of a new buy or not, now every year they pay almost double from what it costed before and they have less than a quarter from improvements. If they don’t… they can’t make a living. Thanks, sure, but I am really running away and advising anyone in the way to do it so.
Fair for users is literally a joke when imposing this method. You could be doing both models, as a way to provide such thing, but imposing a rent… Really, I burst laughing while reading it was fair to users. This is literally exploring your consumer to the full potential. While this be the only method, this will benefit only one side of the deal.

You guys gathered a great community with all the speeches about freedom, no rent, empowering consumers, etc… A community that stood behind you and the values you claimed to represent. Not sure how this will roll out from now on.
Sorry Oliver, I know your job is to defend the unexcusable till the end and even from the most hash community member. But I am really disappointed and not willing to deliver my ass in a silver plate for such unstable claims. Hope the best for you as a person.
But for now, I am excited to see other engines proposes.
Make both models available and we can start over again. Till there, I have seen this movie before and it wasn’t even an horro one, it was a B side porn… Were I was getting… Well, you got the idea.

If the devs don’t keep up with innovations then the customer is paying the fee for that mistake. Cause he won’t get the innovations and won’t be able to use what he already paid for…
For the sake of those who already invested in you, this better not floppy for such a greedy decision.