HDR is blurry while using D5

D5 Render Version: 1.81
Graphics Card: RTX 2080Ti
**Driver Version: **
Issue Description: When i apply a customized HDRI to the scnene, it looks blurry while using it inside the program on Realtime quality, but when doing render it looks normal. I use the Realtime mode a lot to client presentation and would like to have the HDR ant its higest quality while using D5 Realtime.
Screenshots/Videos Description
This is the blurry issue while using D5

And this is when render image.


This happens with any custom HDR i use.
Please Help

Steps to Reproduce (optional):

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It is realtime rendering :stuck_out_tongue: … I think what you are asking takes up lot of resources and is not a bug but a well thought decision. If there is any choice to made i would prefer blury in realtime with faster performance.

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Yes for sure, but it was working perfectli before update. thats my point, is not a lack of resources, thay changes domething. :upside_down_face:

Hello there,
High-definition hdr takes up more resources during preview, so D5 will compress hdr to 2k while ensuring the HDR providing accurate lighting during preview.
The output is based on the actual size of hdr. :bowing_woman:

Thank you!

Thank you. But real time interaction with mi clients it is one of the reasons why I love of D5. Maybe a way to activate full ress HDR, or at least 8k :eyes: thanks again!

I tried few types of HDRi (4K, 8K and 16K), but the result is still blurry.
Of course there is difference between 4K and 16K, but in general it’s not good.
If the HDRi showing some objects in the far then it’s not a problem if it’s blurry a bit.
But when ther is a bush or trees etc. it is a problem that none of the leaves are visible correctly.

After the 1.8.1 update there are a lot of small things that was way better in the previous ones.
But that’s another topic.

GPU: RTX 2080 S with the latest Studio Driver.

Hi forizs,

What version of driver are you using? we recommend 457.51
Also, we compress HRD to 2k when in preview mode so it may look blurry, did you mean even after you export an image, it is still blurry?
It would be good if you can share with us a screenshot of the problem, and we will investigate the issue ASAP.

Best regards,


Hi there.

  1. The driver version that I’m using is “462.31 SD”. (I don’t know if this appears only on my PC, but each time when nVidia relases a newer driver, my sketchup, during the modeling, starts lacking. If the upgrade is done the lacking is gone. that’s why I’m using the newest driver. This issue appeared after the Win 20H2 update.)

  2. As I mentioned above, there is difference between the preview and the render, but the final result is not okay.
    If I’m using a 16K HDRi it’s still too Blurry in final.

Hi, can you share with me the hdr file? we would like to do some tests on that to find the issue cause. My email is ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com
Also, you can share via a sharing link from the cloud.



I have sent it via wetransfer.
Thank You for the fast reply and for the help.


Hi Dani, I have received your .hdr file and done some tests on it.

But the result seems no problem. Can u show me the rendering result on your PC? Please share with me the origin hdr file or the whole project file.
We want to control variables then do the test to investigate.

Best regards,

Hi Oliver,
I’ve made 3 images. (inside, inside without one window and an outside).
I used the same HDR what I was sent to You yesterday.
Each time the 16K HDR is too blurry for some reason in the interior renders.
For the exterior render it’s not that bad, but still blurry.
If I open the HDRi in Affinity or PS the quality-difference is absolutely seenable.
I don’t want to have a super cristal clear HDR, but I love to have something more sharper.
I will send you the whole project via google drive link. Hopefully You will find something.

Hi forizs,

Sorry for the late reply. We have extracted the files from your emails. And I think you may need to lower the Sky light intensity (to about 0.04), then modify the sun light.
The blurry problem is caused mainly by the over shining light, and here is the comparison:

BTW, we compared the 4k images from PS and D5, they seems no difference in resolution:


Hi Oliver,

Thanks for The recheck. I did a few try with lower the sky light, but the background is too dark.
I even tried to give some brightness to the HDR via Affinity and the result is not that bad.
I’m still searching for the best setup for this scene cause I’m not so satisfied with my final images.

Any way Thank You for your effort again.

Have a good week. :slight_smile:


Hello @forizs

you can adjustment for Sky Light and Background Light Intensity separately in 1.9.0.
This may help you solve this problem.
please stay tuned. thank you!


Im having the same issue. HDRI looks blurry in my renders even in v2.0
I even tried rendering in 16k and still get same background quality

It looks good on an online 360 viewer too; so I’m not really sure if I am doing something wrong.

Hello, 16k HDRI will be compressed into 8k when rendering in D5, but from the screenshot you posted, it is a little weird. Could you share with us this HDRI for further testing?

The snip shot that I posted is zoomed in so I guess If it’s limited to 8k then that’s just how it should really look like.
Hope you could support higher resolution for HDRI in the future. You guys are doing amazing

Thank you, we will consider this request.