Hairy carpet


I have to visualize a hairy carpet. Do you know a way to create this in D5?

A generator for carpets like the grass generator we already have in D5 would be nice.


Thanks for advice. This feature is under development. We may add it in the future. :heart:

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great, thank you

Hi, just search and you will find it as an SKP object, in this case you load it into D5 and resize it as you want.
If you find the mapping on the object just use the Displacement material, use AI and give it the right values ​​to have the fur effect.
Or you create it with the geometric shape of D5, fill it with grass and change the mapping of the blade of grass or delete it and give it a color.
This is the site where you can find the item:

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thank you Riccardo.

best regards

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