Grass material geometry offset from object border

Hi there!
Thanks for awesome tools in 2.3 version, love it so much!
However I got a problem with editing grass material geometry offset from object border. Is there an option to decrease it?

Summary of this topic:
Question: gaps at the edge of grass material template
— We have noticed this. And our team are working on it. For now, you can fill the gap by adding the grass model from Asset Library with the Brush tool.

Hi there, it’s normal because we will leave some gaps at the edges due to the issues with how we developed the grass material. We will improve the feature later. For now you can fill the gap by adding the grass model from Asset Library with the Brush tool.
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aha finally found someone with same problem,

I just updated to 2.3 too, and now my grass looks like being done by a kid, lots of blanks LOL,
seems like the only way to solve it is to paint it like @April_Lee saidm haha

Such a shame really. I made the switch from Lumion because I thought the newly added grass feature might compare to it but with this border offset it’s pretty much unusable. I don’t intend to manually paint over all the edges, hoping to achieve an unnoticeable transition between the grass material and the hand painted stuff. Because no matter how I set the size, random size etc, it never looks like the grass material. What’s the suggested solution on achieving a quick and easy realistic looking patch of lawn?

Sorry for the inconvenience. Because the grass material is mainly designed for long-distance view, there will be gaps. For a closer view, it is suggested to use the brush or scatter tools to paint the grass. And if you want to fill the gaps using the grass with the same height or size, we are sorry that you need to place the grass model, adjust the size and then duplicate the model.

Thanks for the reply Ruby and who knows, maybe that’s on the list for the next release :slight_smile: cheers!

No it’s not normal. This is happening starting from v2.3, didn’t have this issue before. Imagine having a huge project and have to fill the gaps this is a huge pain in the buttocks and happened to me last week.

I think I have identified the problem which seems to be related to the converter tool! After adding grass to the project as soon you update the project from the host programm (Sketchup in my case) the grass density at the borders diminishes greatly leaving big areas “uncovered” which is really problematic when working on big projects. I think there is a position shift of the grass, don’t know why. And by the way better grass rendering would also be nice together with the ability to dynamically adjust size and appearance after having applied it to the desired areas. At the moment it’s very rudimentary.

I really love the improvements in D5 and the speed you guys are delivering BUT honestly, I would rather have a super stable program than having new features every month and bugs everywhere! I’m addressing that because another issue in my opinion is the way GI is calculated. But this is off topic, I already posted my concerns in the appropriate section. Hopefully v2.4 will fix this.

Happened to me in this project below. Fortunately I was able ti fix it reverting back to an old Skp file!

Remove the grass and do it again. Didn’t find another solution yet :frowning:

Sorry for the inconvenience. @artedesigner @merlin.bartholomaeus @xintecindonesia @smgarch Our team have been working on this. Thanks for your understanding~

do you plan to solve the problem in the next version or an intermediate version any time soon?

Yes, we will fix it. But not in the next version. We are not sure about the time yet.