Gpu issue - under-used graphics card

Hello the Team, I just changed graphics card to work on D5. I had a 2080 sli and now I only have a 3080Ti. Until now sli was not supported and only one card worked at 100% on image calculations. Since then the 3080 Ti only works on stains at 50% of its capacity.
Is it normal that D5 doesn’t get 100% of the card’s power?
I was thinking of dividing my calculation times by 4 and not 2.
Thank you for your help.

Hello, you can use the GPU-Z program to monitor the GPU usage, which is more accurate. Normally D5 will use the 100% of gpu when rendering, so please give it a try.
By the way, how’s the rendering speed? I think 2x times upgrade is reasonable, because 2080’s power is good as well.

Thank you Oliver for your answer i’ll try your program, to optimise the graphic gard…

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