Glass milky/frosted effect

Hi there team - not sure if this a bug or just me unable to understand how to achieve this? I want this massing concept building to have a glass texture but frosted/milky feel. I did play with the roughness and spectacular settling but for some reason I just can get it to look like the example below.

Even if I use the Frosted glass texture from your assets library it does not work.

Please help.
Thank you.

Example 2


I had similar problems!

Hi there! Thanks for your report, we will add this material in the future! For now, you can try to use a noise texture and paste into normal. Hope this will help you!

Thank you Team!

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Use the ‘White Gauze Curtain’ under ‘Fabric’ and play around with the Metal/Specular/UV/Opacity/Normal/Roughness settings to get something close to what you need.

Like this:

Or this:

Great! Thank you Gary.