Funky Strip Light


Real-time preview

Rendered view

I specify that the strip lights are detached from the ceiling by at least 2cm

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I’ve been having the same issue with rendered pics of light strips like this , even at 6K quality they look jagged in output

check bloom intensity. try to turn off bloom and check .

Thank you for your answer, but it’s not a problem with the Bloom I think. I tried a lot of things (bloom, environment, depth, field depth, etc.). But then I visually replaced the strip lights with solid ones with emissive material, and I left the strip lights only to illuminate with “Show light shape” off.I got the result I wanted. But I think that if the camera is something like perpendicular to the Strip Light there is a problem, probably something that has to do with the antialising, which we don’t have access to in the settings. Just my 2 cents

Hi, you can turn off “menu-dlss” and SR while rendering. At the same time, you can try to increase the output resolution.

I actually tried that but none of these solutions worked.

what points u mentioned is absolutely right.

Even with dlss off and 6k renders I have the pixelation issue with the light strips too . It usually is when viewed from eye level and when you are not right up under a light . Hopefully they can fix this in an update