Free vs Pro version

I am super excited after downloaded trial version Pro v 2.4 ,
I just would like to have your opinion whether or not paying 300 $ could worth or free version could satisfy me.
Btw, I am not professional, just my hobbies to create architectural scenes but pro version models seem to me very attractive. So really want to go to pro version but worry about regretting in same time.
Thanks in advance for your advice.

Why not subscribe to the pro version for a month or two.
Then you can always decide for a whole year.

Repenting now before you have it is worse advice


Many thanks yes that could be the best choice. :smile:

Hello, the pro version can use all asstes in the assets library, as well as using widget and so on.

If you are a new user, new users have a three-day pro trial period in D5, and you can also participate in other small activities on the official website to get a trial of the pro version.

For example, you can get a 5-day pro free trial period by completing a small questionnaire.

These are the links to the event: D5 Render Communities | Events to win D5 Pro

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