Fixed screen, neither does the mouse and the computer does not respond

Lately, working with version 22, I still have the screen fixed, the mouse does not and the computer does not respond. I have to stop it and restart it. It usually takes a while to work, 2-3 hours>, and I don’t know why.

I tried customizing the settings with the Nvidia control panel and will try again. Can you guide me to find out what might happen? Thanks. And sorry for my English.

Computer and graphics card details:
11th Gen Intel (R) Core ™
i9-11900H @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz
32.0 GB

Hello, the problem happens to a specific file, or all files in D5? I mean, you can open the demo scene then play with it and render, will the screen become frozen?

From your description, I think the RAM may be not enough, you can open the Task Manager and check the RAM usage when working with a large scene.

Please let us know your test results and we can further narrow down the issue cause.

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Thanks Oliver,
I pass the memory performance screen, it’s around 50%. Not much GPU, but I see the temperature is high. At the moment it lasts well, it is at the end of the hours of the day that I am afraid that the equipment or the program will be blocked. I will also give you the details of the current project in case it may be related. I import files exported to .SKP from the ALLPLAN program, (as I would like you to be linked to like other software), and .skp or .fbx files from some specific furniture manufacturers. I see how the behavior has evolved and I inform you. Thank you for your support. ///Sorry, I don’t see how to attach images now.