File stuck at 9%

I have one personal pro account for home and a different pro account for office. When I am trying to open the D5 file using office account (which was earlier saved in personal account), the file gets stuck at 9%. Is there anyway to save the file from my home account and open it using the office account? Thank you

Hello Sohail, it is not related to which account you use to open the file since we do not set limits for that :slightly_smiling_face:
To confirm, have you transferred the whole scene file folder to your Office computer?
2. Does the file path in your office computer contain special character or non-English language?Maybe you could try move it to another place then see the result.
3. The file in your home computer still can work normally, right?
4. Please make sure your office computer’s video driver is updated.

If the problem remains, feel free to let me know. Or you could send the scene file to directly.


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