File crashed

Hello D5 Team,
just to report a bug that two-times files not saved and stuck. this is an interior project and it shows large file size. I was a material project and save it. but it’s not save and stuck the D5. After that,30 seconds I closed D5 software in the task manager. Then I opened D5 file again the file is not there.It shows lights and asset trees only. please kindly give me a reason for why the file was crashed.
Thank You.!

Hi there, Could you pls tell me your D5 version number and your location and Your project file size?
By the way, you can send your skp file to my email: so that we can do a test for your project to find why this issue happen.

Hi, thank you for your response.
D5 version is
Location: Sri Lanka
skp file size: 2.99 GB
project file size : 129 GB

I will send other details your email.

Ok got it,I will wait for your mail!

Please follow this - File loading issue (stuck) Thanks.