Failed to login

Hi, I’m having a problem logging in.

I opened the program as usual, and saw that my account had been unlinked

I entered again and I have these problems, I can not access the page or the application

my email and password are correct

I’ve tried disabling antivirus and firewall to no avail.

the network is the same that I have always used for months

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Me too…It has happened since this morning.

You are now logged in.
Please answer why this is.

@kihotwoup @solunanegocios
Hello, the login problem was due to an unexpected error in our server, and now it has been fixed. Also, we will take some actions to avoid this kind of problem in future.

Sorry for that, if you need further assistance, feel free to let me know.

*To protect your personal information, we have edited the screenshots you uploaded, thanks~