Exposure problem after re-opening file

Hi I got this problem about exposure after re-opening the file I’m currently working on.
As you can see in the pictures the camera shot previews have correct exposure while the viewport display is incorrect, producing over exposed render.
I already tried resetting and fiddling with auto exposure but still didn’t do anything. Thanks

@Oliver.J any help with this? or anyone else encounterd this problem? Thanks

Hello, are there any materials using emissive lights? Recently we identified a problem that emissive settings are turned on after the file is reopened and we will fix this in 2.1.
So you can check that first, do you remember on which material you once turned on emissive setting?
If the problem remains, please compress this scene file and send it to support@d5techs.com
Also, please make sure your video driver is not too old.

tried turning all of emissive materials still no good. I’ll send the file to that email then, is it ok if it’s a wetransfer link?

yes, it is ok. sorry for the inconvenience.

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Already sent. Thanks @Oliver.J

Hello, have you tried 2.1 beta and did this issue happen again? Any updates will be appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face: