Exporting from SketchUp to D5 super slow!

Hi there, I’m currently using my normal workflow for landscape plans by exporting proxy components from SketchUp to D5 with LiveSync, and then replacing them with D5 models. However, for some reason, the exporting process is crazy slow. It usually takes only a few seconds. But now it’s taking over half an hour to export just a few components. Does anyone know why this would be?

Really sorry for your problem. Which D5 version and SU version are you currently using? What is the version number of the sync plugin you are using? Do all scenes sync very slowly or just a specific scene sync slowly?
Can you provide a recording of your sync process if it’s convenient?

Thanks for your reply. I am using SU 2024 and D5 version The livesync version is My workflow is that I export sketchup components as D5 files using the livesync. Then I import them into D5, sync the coordinates, and replace them with D5 models. But for some reason, the process is incredibly slow when trying to export just a few simple components. The livesync app used to do this very quickly. Any ideas what changed?

Here is a screenshot of D5 taking a very long time to export just 4 simple sketchup components

Hello, the efficiency of the plugin to export d5a is related to the number of faces, complexity of the model itself. It is recommended that you can send us the model to check. You can share a link here or send your file to our email. (support@d5techs.com, please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to your mail)