Error/ artefacts in rendering video

Hi, i get some errors/ artefacts/ rasterization whren rendering a video and i cannot fix this problem.
Can anyone help me with that? I am very new to D5- i like it alot so far!
Attached you find a screenshot.

Thanks in advance!


Hi mate, here are some possibilities causing that.

  1. the GPU drive is too old, please update
  2. Super sampling may cause that, please close it and try again.
  3. Some objects are hidden or transparent.
  4. lighting conditions are complex, please adjust the lights and try again.

Hi and thanks for reply!
I often read about super sampling but really don’t know where to switch it on/off.?
I will try everything you suggested, thank you and lets see.
Kind regards,



great, new driver and switch off super sampling helps!
Thanks and best,


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Thank you for the update, you can close the super sampling here.