Emissive Reflections not showing

Hi, I’ve been working on a rather large file, and I just noticed that some decals that I’ve placed that are supposed to be representing screens are not showing as reflecions in surrounding objets,

the thing is that when im moving or dragging the camera they show up, but as soon as I stop moving, they disappear, and if I render the Scene or image, they don’t show up either.

I’ve been stuck trying to figure out what’s going on but so far nothing seems to work

Screenshots while dragging the camera:

Screenshots while still (and as a processed render)

Any ideas why?

Hello. Which version of D5 are you currently using? It is recommended to update to the latest version and check if this issue still exists. If this problem still occurs after updating, please send us your scene file to check (if you think the file is too big, you can delete the irrelevant parts and keep only the content related to the problem).
You can share a link here or send your file to our email. (support@d5techs.com, please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to your mail)