Emissive Materials - masking

Hi All,
is D5 able to mask emissive materials with a gradient?

the image with the black/pink bars at the top and bottom
this is a .png black and white gradient in the emissive map slot
the emissive colour is pink
I expected the coloured material to be masked out with a nice gradient. emitting pink in the middle and not emitting pink top and bottom but I got bars - so the map meeds to be just black and white?

Image with gradient
I put the gradient into the base colour map slot and I got a gradient?
is the black in this gradient then emitting light?

can you help me understand whats happening?

whats the difference between base colour map and base colour?

Also - with D5’s emissive materials I’m finding it very difficult to just having an emitting colour - or just a colour to emit without it turning white. the settings seem to start too high (or i’m missing something). 1 seems to be the lowest. they go white too quickly and at these low emitting numbers any front lights wipe the emitting material. (I’m designing Sets for TV shows so black studios)

Hello Cmeed,
Yes, first, for the emissive map slot, it is either 0 or 1, black or white.
I think you have made the gradient effect with the base color map. If you want to have emitting color, you could try putting a Rectangular Light behind it then turn on volume light.