Ease in - ease out issue

I’ve already reported this issue several months ago.
I purchased D5 program to create 3d animations to get perfect camera momevents.
Unfortunately D5 is not able to do it.
The D5 camera path automatic interpolation is not calculated correctly.

Let’s say I have 3 camera saved positions: A, B+B, C.
B+B means that the camera must pause for some seconds.
Enabling ease in - ease out, the camera movement, when starts and ends, is wrong.
The camera starts too fast from A also assigning several seconds from A to B, and stops/pause with a jerking movement.
It seems that the interpolation of the starting and ending frames is wrong, there is a wrong distribution of these frames.
All animations that you shows on Youtube are created with a simple path animation: from A to B.
I need to create a different camera animation: from A to B, camera stops on B and stays stills for some seconds, during this pause I see people and vehicles moving. After (let’s say) 10 seconds the camera starts its movement from B to C position.
If I create these simple keyframes in 3ds Max, the camera path is calculated correctly. The movement is smooth and the acceleration/deceleration is correct.

At the moment I can’t use my 2.4 Pro license because this issue.

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Hi mate, thank you for posting here. As a current workaround, I would suggest you divide the clip into 3 parts then combine them in post product software.
Because the algorithm in D5 has an automatic accelerated speed calculation, for example, in Clip A the camera speed is 5, and in Clip B the camera speed is 0 (it stays static), then when transitioning from A to B, the speed will have changes automatically (maybe not very smooth).

I have escalated this issue to our tech team, and we will look into this problem further, thanks!

Yes doing walkthroughs is very problematic. For me this is the biggest issue with D5. It was a porblem i brought up last year and still they have not resolved it

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I also ran into problems when creating clips. I don’t like the fact that you can’t edit a single keyframe, which changes subsequent frames. You cannot insert an additional keyframe between frames. Let’s say the camera crosses the wall when transitioning from one frame to another, inserting an additional key frame would solve this problem, but I can’t do it D5 does not allow it. It’s bad that there is no displayed spline path like in Enscape. Will there ever be added the possibility of a virtual walk without 3d glasses?

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Hi mate, for now this feature is not built-in in D5, but you can render a panorama then use 3rd party services like kuula to convert that into a virtual walk without 3d glasses. We may support it ourselves in future.