During rendering

while rendering why does my interface have this weird reflection and shadow play. is there anything that can be done about it ?

Hello @fatimamuskan2400

  • Please tell me your current D5 version. It looks like D5 2.6. :thinking:
  • Are the rendering results normal, or is the issue only in the preview? Are these two rectangular lights placed outdoors for additional illumination? ‘’The outdoor rectangle light caused a lot of noise in the indoor in the preview‘’, we fixed this in 2.7.1, you can try to update to the latest version to see if the issue still exists.

i have 2.6.1 , the issue is only in the preview, yes the lights are outside for ambient lighting.


If you hide the rectangle lights, will the preview turn to be normal? The rendering results should be more accurate. We fixed similar issues in 2.7.1, please upgrade to the latest version to see the results.

ill do that!

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