Do I need the D5 Converter?

I just downloaded D5 and it seems to be working well. I have Sketchup. What will the D5 Converter for SketchUp do for me? Thank you.

Will that turn it into an actual plug in SketchUp like I’ve used for Vray and Enscape? I’m getting confused when trying to save files, about what I’m saving; some are huge 500 mb but I’m afraid to delete them because I don’t recognize them and think they may be part of the program. But they are located in my own folder I just created for my images for D5.

Love the lighting in D5. Easiest and clearest to use I’ve seen so far in any program. I can see which way the (rectangle) light is pointing immediately for one thing, very helpful. And it’s pointing down which is nice in stead of sideways.

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Here are examples of what it is saving. I am just trying to save the SketchUp file I guess, and it is saving much more. What is the “assets” and “resources” and “model textures” and “scene image”. They are all very big files some 100 mb or so. Does this have anything to do with what I have now with D5 (just the general download) not actually being a plug-in? Thank you.

What is this stuff

Hello RealSketchlady.
First, welcome to try D5 Render and join our community :smiley:
The folder in your picture is a normal project saved from D5 Render. After you import a skp model into D5 Render, it becomes part of a D5 project file (also it exists in the resource folder).

Normally a D5 project file is a folder, which contains these things:
They are models, materials, thumbnails, scene settings, etc.
And to render a photo or edit your scene file, you just need to open the “drs” file to launch D5 Render.

With regard to the plugin, it works for live sync between SketchUp and D5 Render. D5 Render is not a built-in renderer like vray/enscape you mentioned, but a separate program.
You can view this blog to learn more about the plugin:
SketchUp Rendering (
Workflow | D5 Converter-SketchUp - Workflow / SketchUp - D5 RENDER FORUM

All in all, the converter can improve your work experience and efficiency, but there is no problem if you do not use it.

For reference,

Drs - User Manual (

Thank you for your explanation and for the many sources of information. I really appreciate these sources. Helps me understand what is going on better. I guess the next step is to download the Converter and work with it and see how it goes. I look forward to working with D5!



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