Diffuse map color

Hi guys,

I’m having troubles with the diffuse color for some of my custom materials. The diffuse / albedo color appears way darker / saturated than it’s supposed to be. Is it a normal behavior of D5 engine or i’m doing something wrong?..

and obviously the final result is completly different in term of color…

Playing with the settings of the diffuse map doesn’t help…

Any help / tweak will be highly appreciated :smiley:

hi, can u share scene to check on my end.
usually it wont happen.

Hi, sorry for your issue. What’s your D5 Version?
Did it occur in all scene-files or just this specific scene-file?

If you create a new scene and put a basic model to give the map on it, will the color also change? How is your diffuse reflection map made? I tried the pictures here, and it seems that there is no problem like you.

If it is convenient, can you send the map to me? I will check it from my end. Any update will be appreciated. :pray:

I’m using the lastest version, but it occurs since many updates. As long as i remember i had this issue.

version D5

here’s the issue with a basic material and a basic model

I found something interresting with the color space transfer function. The result using the linear mode seems to be more accurate with the original diffuse map. Can you tell us more about this option and how it can affects the PBR?


In Color Space Transfer, there are two options available: “Linear” and “sRGB”. In the PBR workflow, the base color map, the back map of the leaf template, and the AO channel should be imported in sRGB mode. Other maps can be set with no data processing. Currently, correct presets have been made for new imported maps by default. For existing old projects, to ensure that the effect remains unchanged, all channels are set to sRGB mode.

When there is a map in the “Base Color Map” slot, the color in the “Base Color” palette will be superimposed with the map color, resulting in a coloring effect. The blend mode is Multiply.It occurs to me that if you need to use the original color of the “Base Color Map”, you can try to let the palette is pure white. See if the color is closer to the color of the original mapping.

Hi Vera,

my issue occurs with a pure white “base color” applied in both cases. I get the point that the “base color” is multiplied to the base color map based on RgB or Linear, but if i get the point right, the “color space transfer function” shouldn’t affect the base color map when set to pure white.

Hi D5 teams,

so no solution for that issue? @Vera_Hsu

Sorry for my late. Can you send your map to me? I will test from my end and find out what the problem is. You can DM me directly.