Details lost in Product Rendering

Love D5 when it comes to product rendering. I’ve been using it for the past 2 months as my rendering app for products. However, I’ve just encountered some errors with my recent product, which has small details such as embossed and debossed text. These small details seem to struggle to cast a shadow. Any tips to make those little details pop?

Here’s what it looks like in 3D

And here’s the rendered version:

Sorry I can’t show the whole product hope you understand. Thank you!

maybe outline on and thicker?

Hello, thank you for your feedback. Which version of D5 are you currently using?
BTW, you can try closing SR and check if the issue still exists.

It’s the latest version, I’m sorry but what is SR?

I’ll try this one, but what do you mean by thicker?

D5 SR (D5 Super Resolution) is D5’s self-developed super-resolution sampling algorithm, combined with multi-channel rendering feature maps, based on the neural network super-scoring image generation algorithm, which can greatly accelerate the rendering speed of still-frame images.
Enabling D5 SR will speed up the rendering for images, but at the same time, some details will be lost.

I tried this one, but it didn’t do anything… It just changed the color a bit. The only thing that’s bugging me is the details don’t cast shadows just like on the photos above, yes, there are highlights but there are no shadows.

Sorry for your problem. Would it be convenient for you to send us your scene file? If you are not convenient to provide this project, you can send us a simple test scene and model.

You can share a link here or send your log to our email. (, please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to your mail)

Hi Luna! Already sent an email to Thanks in advance for the response!

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Thanks for your file. We will check it.

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We checked your model. This model is rather fine and the bumps are very subtle, so if you wish to produce significant shadows, you will need to additionally lighten your model in the scene. Also, because the bumps are very subtle, neither the bumps nor the shadows will be noticeable when viewed from the front, and it is recommended that your model be viewed from the side, where the details will be more apparent.

Best wishes


This somewhat fixes the problem, it’s already casting a minimal shadow (light). However, I hope the next update includes a more noticeable shadow, even in the smallest details cause I really want to keep using D5 for product rendering. :smiley:

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maybe a good way is to have the imperfection for d5 that lumion also has. this gives you a possibility the enhance small bumps

just my unvarnished unsolicited opinion, like a real dutch guy

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Thanks for your advice. We may improve this. :blush:

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