Depth of field Blur "scanlines"

I wanted to ask is there any way to make the blurred DoF not to have these scanline-type of lines?
To my eye it looks like there are horizontal and vertical lines :confused:

Here is from another angle. Seems that the effect is vey heavy when white is blurred to black.

Hello, what image resolution do you render? Please try rendering 4k or 8k :blush:Also we will improve this part.

I did the animation test with 1080p and I was just this morning thinking should I just render it with 4k and scale down to 1080p. Would the artifact come less visible… I will try :slight_smile:

ok, look forward to your updates

After some tests I found out that I am quite happy without any DoF. I did a test with DoF and the grass had some weird highlights… Every frame has these highlight spots on different grass leaves.
So. I will see how the DoF improves in the future versions.
Just as a side note - I have the same scene in 3dsmax&corona and rendering one 720p image takes 20min … I am very happy to render an animation in 20min with D5.

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Ok, thank you for your effort! We will keep improving the DoF effect. Besides, to remove those highlight spots, maybe you could try adjusting the grass’ Specular parameter lower.

Hello, i have no problem with blur effect. What graphic card have you got ? Maybe that’s the problem…

I have Nvidia RTX 2070 super. A strange thought - could it be GPU related? If yes then I will a new GPU straight away.

Hola, tengo una RTX 2070 Q-Max y el DoF me va bastante bien pero a veces da algunos efectos extraños. Probé los drivers Studio de Nvidia para ver si mejoraba, pero no solo se ve igual si no que me renderiza algo mas rápido los drivers Game Ready…

En fin, el DoF se ve muy bien, lo que me gustaría es no solo disponer de la cantidad de blur y el punto de enfoque, si no también tener a disposición más parámetros como personalizar la apertura de lente, para darle prioridad al fondo o a los objetos cercanos. Es decir, poder desenfocar elementos de forma independiente como lo hacen otros motores sin necesidad de pasarlo por post-produccion.

De todas formas agradezco lo que es a día de hoy D5 Render siendo un producto tan joven.
Estoy ansioso por ver todas las futuras incorporaciones y mejoras del sofware.

Saludos cordiales a la comunidad.

Carlos María Escola Abbate

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Hello, the render result will not change with different GPU :laughing: so you may not need a GPU unless you want better performance and faster speed. I think you just need to make sure the video driver is updated.

Gracias, planeamos añadir parámetros de cámara reales :laughing: