.D5a material editing

Hello everyone,

How can I change for once a material for an instanced .d5a file? In this example, the color of the chair changed, but when I change the material settings, only one model switch its color. How can I make it globally? Thanks,

If you have assigned all objects globally with the same material (for example in Sketchup) then you would have to change all objects when changing color in the D5. It doesn’t matter what it is, chair or table, etc.

If you have assigned different material or color (in the sketchup), but all the same assets-material in D5, then only change those with the same material or color in D5.
Therefore you cannot make a global color change in d5.

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Hello, dadi’s answer is right. Besides, in 2.0, if you duplicate a model, their materials are linked and you can change them globally.
Another way is to use Material picker and brush feature.

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