How does D5 team work?
does everyone need to be on the same network? How does it actually work?
Can I share a project with someone in another country and if so, how?

Hi! Thanks for your interest.
For more information about the features and purchasing of D5 team, you can refer to these two pages:
D5 for Teams | Real-time 3D Design Collaboration (d5render.com)
Product Instructions for D5 for Teams | User Manual (d5render.com)

If you want to share your project with people in other countries, this is possible in two ways:

  1. You only want to share your project with someone who is in another country, but doesn’t need to continue working on your project with them, without joining your team. Then you can send the scene file to them directly, and they can view and edit it individually, but any changes they make won’t affect your team’s project.
  2. You want to invite a colleague or collaborator from another country to join your team. This means your team members need to work under different LANs, it can usually only be achieved by using the NAS along with ‘NAT traversal’. It is recommended to consult an IT professional for guidance on how to set this up.
    Another case where D5 Teams can be useful is for group management. For example, if you lead team A to work under one LAN, you can access all the files in group A’s team library. Similarly, if another team partner leads several other members to work under another LAN, they can access Group B’s team library. However, access to Group A and Group B team libraries is independent of each other, essentially creating two separate team libraries. If there is a need for these groups to access each other, ‘NAT traversal’ is still required.