D5 showing objects from hidden tags when connected to SU

Hello everyone,

I am completely noobie to D5 renderer, I started the software to get better results compared to Enscape and also make some animations.

Straight to the problem: I have a model with 3 options and used tags to set 3 scenes with different materials, objects, etc.

I opened the file in D5 and tried to make some adjustments and noticed that I needed to make some changes in the Sketchup model as well. When I opened the file in SU and made the edits and connected it to D5, it started to show some objects from hidden scenes in the main scene I was working on.
I suspect that maybe they are in the same option inside the group they are, but they aren’t.

this is the D5 shot when opening SU and linking:

This is the scene with objects how they are

and this is the other option(with blue chairs). the blue chairs are visible in the main D5 scene(first image) which they shouldn’t be as they are in different tags.

any idea how to solve this?

Thanks for your interest in D5. We are glad to help you.
Did you use the Sync plugin or did you import the SU model directly into D5? And could you please tell me which version of D5 you used? I suggest you send your scene file to us. You can share a link here or send it to our email (support@d5techs.com, please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to it)

I opened the file in D5 and then used the sync plugin from SU. I just downloaded the free version of D5 so I assume it is the latest version for Win11.
Unfortunately, the file is too large to upload and because it is a customer’s project I cannot upload the file entirely.

I will cut the file and send a part of it if it is okay.
And considering I am a free version user do I get support from this email?

You can send me just the chair part. Actually, for SU, part of the files that are hidden within the model show up in D5 as an expected problem. But part of the same model showing and part not showing is problematic. By the way, did you use components on this model?
Don’t worry, we will also provide technical support for community version users.

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Thank you LunaLang
I am uploading a new file. The weird thing about this is that the objects shown in D5 do not even exist in SU!

now that I am cleaning the file it starts to not showing some existing objects !!

Here is a link to the file

Thanks for the file, we will check it.

Hello, are you using the Live Sync plugin or the Non-Live Sync plugin? Have you tried re-linking your model? Also, you can try to unset your model as a component.
BTW, I suggest you use the livesync plugin and try again. This one may be more stable for the models including components.

Yeah, I am using Live Sync. On both the 2022 and 2023 SU versions


Have enabled the non-live sync mode? When you are in a real-time sync mode, there would be a small icon on the model list.

Well, I tried a different way, I copied the entire visible model into a new file and I think that was the tag issue, I think it was showing another tag(which is a known issue with D5 apparently).

Anyway, I keep working and playing around more with D5 and let you know here if anything similar comes up.

I appreciate your support.

Thanks for your feedback! We will keep pay attention to this problem.

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