D5 Render using too much GPU when nothing is on the project!

Am I doing something wrong here? RTX 3070 pulling ~50% while nothing is showing up, clouds turned off no shadows, no textures…

If you close D5 Render, what value will GPU usage be? Normally after D5 launches, the engine will use about 2GB VRAM, varing with monitor resolution and your GPU type.

By the way, could you let me know what software you use to monitor the resources usage, and whether your 3070 is for desktop or laptop?


Thanks for the reply Oliver!
If I close D5, 0% of usage, when this happen nothing is happening on the background, mine is pulling almost 4GB VRAM when I open the program, and it’s just a 1080p monitor.

Sure, I use MSI Afterburner + RivaTurner to show these info. My 3070 is a MSI X Trio, one of the best 3070s on a desktop.

Alright, do you overclock the GPU with Afterburner or Rivaturner?

I did, but not anymore, everything else like games runs perfectly, shouldn’t D5 run every project smoothly on a GPU like this? For games the 3070 should be able to play almost everything on 4K, a beast I would say