D5 Render Gallery [ Manish Lohia ] - www.lohiavisuals.com

Theme: Mixed
Artist: Manish Lohia
Graphics Card: RTX 2080 ti
Workflow: Sketchup + D5 Render
Brief description of post-processing: Photoscape X for minor color correction.
Whether the model is original: Yes
Model source: Usually from clients

Hey Guys,

I will be posting my work in this thread so that it easier for me to find and people can have a look at it all in one thread and don’t have to go back and forth.

Here are a few renders that I have done with D5 Render and Sketchup, new renders will be posted in this thread as I make them.

You can follow my instagram profile for latest updates : https://www.instagram.com/lohiavisuals/

Description of the work: These are some of my works that I have done with D5 Render.


Outstanding Portfolio!

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hh, cool :blush:

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Thankyou Flamingo !!

Here is another recent render, I tried D5 2.0 on an already finished project.


Very nice rendering.
The light is great. Maybe too much asphalt in the foreground.
What I miss, is a bit dirt, to make it more realistic.
For instance, the dirt shader in Lumion is brilliant.
I do hope, that this will come to D5
Here you can see an example

Thanks Flamingo !!

Yes the dirt could bring in some more realism but lately my clients have started loving the D5 Render more than lumion, and since this house was a new development I had to make sure the things looked new as the client demanded.

Adding dirt and other details would have made technically good render but I guess the client would not want it on his brochure. :slightly_smiling_face:

Originally the paint on the house was also smooth white but I added the texture just for this post.

Here is another lighting scenario for the same model, I am working on 2 more such houses and their interiors, I ll keep experimenting as I progress.

The second is also very good. My favourite.
Is it Geo + Sky?

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Yes, they both are Geo and Sky.

Also, I am waiting for sun size adjustment slider in geo and sky to make shadows softer, currently it is only available in HRI only.

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Here are a couple of shots from my recent work.

This is also available as a part of my D5 Render Modules Pack which I recently published.

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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share this render I did back in 2020 with D5 render 1.6 I as far as I can remember, Although D5 Render has come a long way since then but it has been a very very powerful program since the beginning.

This is SKP + D5 + PS

and back then I used lumion for almost all my projects but this project marked the beginning of my using D5 as my primary rendering engine and D5 has never ever disappointed.

Thanks D5 Team for such a great piece of software for helping artists !!

Hope you like it. :slight_smile:



Hi everyone!

nice works here! Asphalt foreground are always hard to manage…

I can see a texture issue i’m having quite often between Sketchup and D5. How can we fix it? It seems that the faces are not completly flat, even if they are in Sketch…

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Yes, this issue is usually seen when we place the same texture on 2 different groups in sketchup or if there is an edge in sketchup geometry.

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is a problem I also find in Cinema4D-> D5. Problem that affects all render engines.
I solve it this way: merge all objects that have the same material, UVW projection and export to D5.

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Yep, that’s what i’m doing when i sync sketchup with D5, in most cases it solves the problem, but in some it still happen.