[D5 Render Challenge] “To the MOON”

Theme: Space

Artist: Zubair Saifi

Graphics Card: GTX 1060 6Gb

Workflow: SketchUp 2020 + D5 Render 1.9 + Photoshop

Brief description of post-processing: After the render I added the Milky Way background in Photoshop with little brightness and contrast adjustments.

Whether the model is original: Models are acquired from different 3d assets websites

Model source: Got the Moon 3d model from https://free3d.com/ and satellite model from NASA website https://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/models

Description of the work: My work is inspired from recent Space Explorations, it really makes me excited how technologically advance humans have become !!


I am wondering what is the scale of your moon model?

Bumpy moon surface looking very good by the way.

Hi mate, your image is pretty nice, but for still frame works, 2 or more finished drawings shall be submitted. According to our rules, please upload another image here, thank you!

Second render for the submission

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Thanks mate!
I don’t remember the size of models I just scaled them accordingly.