[D5 Render Challenge II] Epic Ancient City Minecraft - GNwork

Theme: Epic Ancient City Minecraft
Artist: GNwork
Location: Beijing, China
Graphics Card: RTX 3090
Workflow: Minecraft + Maya + Blender 3.1 + 3ds Max + C4D R23 + D5 Render
Post-processing: DaVinci Resolve
Source of assets that are not from D5 asset library: Imported models all made by meself with Minecraft

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Description of the work:
“Distance between the past and now, between virtual and reality, seems so far but can also be close.
The YuYang City is a fictitious ancient Chinese architecture that spanned several dynasties, thus representing architectural features of different times. Composed of an inner city and an outer city, it takes up an area of 12 square kilometers.

This project started in 2018 when I put the first block into Minecraft. To make the city more realistiic, I went through papers on the ancient cities of Xi An, Luo Yang, Nanjing and Beijing for reference.
Exporting the buildings from Minecrafet and converting them into 3D models took me 2 months, and then I opened D5 to render.”

:earth_africa: Location of your scene: The scene is imaginary in the ancient China

:round_pushpin: Distance: 1000 years