D5 keeps synchronising in Sketchup 2023.1

When i open D5 from my latest Sketchup 2023.1 file, the synchronosation window will not go away.

Hello, have you synced successfully? Actually, this is a new note we add to the latest verison of the plugin, which indicating that the synchronisation is taking place. If you did not wait for too long or fail syncing, this may be normal.

When i make changes it synchronise in D5, but the synchronisation window in Sketchup won’t go away.

Did you mean you have successfully sync the model to D5, but this note window always stay on the screen?

Yes. It won’t go away.

Hello, if you are willing, could you please provide us with a video of this problem? This may help us solving this issue. :pray:

Sync.zip (3.0 MB)

Hi, this happens to me too. This started when there was a new update to SketchUp (23.1.315).

This update to SketchUp was rather significant to the UI especially. I bet D5 might need to fix some things on their end.

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Sorry for that, we will fix it as soon as possible. To confirm, can you tell us the detailed version of your livesync, Sketchup, and D5?


Thanks for the video, can you send the model and the scene to us? we want to test based on that.

SketchUp: 23.1.315

This does not depend on the SketchUp model. This happens with all synchronizations.

Idd. Every Sketchup model has this problem in 23.1.315. Went back to the previous Sync. R


I noticed that when I reinstalled SketchUp, this sync problem disappeared. I didn’t delete anything, I just reinstalled. Really strange.

We fixed it yesterday, but you need to redownload it. If it happens again, please tell us.

Ok, that’s why. Sync seems to be working correctly now. Thanks.