D5 - GTX 1650 not compatible

Hi!! I’m new using D5 render and its sad that this program don’t work with GTX 1650 -16GB
Queria probar este nuevo programa porque se veia muy prometedor, es triste que no sea compatible con este tipo de GTX , espero en un futuro puedan resolver este problema, facilitaria mucho el trabajo en las entregas, me gustaba mucho su interfaz. Cada vez que quiero renderizar una imagen se cerraba automaticamente, he estado leyendo algunas situaciones parecidas en el foro.

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Hello, I have the same problem, I was very anxious to use D5 until I found that it is not compatible with a 1650 graphics card, please update or fix that problem in your next update, it would benefit several students who do not have the resources to buy a graphics card.

Hi mate, thank you for the suggestion. Yeah, we have not supported 1650 because it does not support DXR (raytracing), and we found its performance in D5 not satisfying. We will keep optimizing D5 in future so maybe we can support 1650 and more type of GPU.